My village was founded in 1950 by settlers from Hungary, who were given a small piece of land next to the Old Green Line.
There was no road or mains water supply.
Over the years, more settlers arrived, mostly from Eastern Europe.
In 1958, one of those settlers, a graphic artist by trade, designed the first Yad Hanna 'Logo' to be used as a letterhead,on envelopes and signs.
The village was one of many on the old border with Jordanian occupied lands and had [and still has] very good relations with the Arab neighbours. The second biggest city of the [present] Palestinian Authority is 10 minutes walk away from my house. So it was that the Logo would feature a Dove of Peace.
During some searches recently, I managed to find the original Proof copy of the Logo on stiff card. It was only then that I discovered that the father of my great [Deceased] stamp Buddy Tamir, had been that graphic artist.......and we had buried him only a few days earlier. My search for further info has proved difficult therefore, but is ongoing.

Original proof copy of the Yad Hanna Logo.
In 2004, I visited the National Stamp Exhibition [Telabul] in Tel Aviv where one could design part of an Israel Stamp and print it as his own. It was legal and the stamps were postally valid. Special personalized stamps !!
Below is the original sketch I made for one of three stamp designs I did that day.

And so was born the first and only Israel stamp with the Yad Hanna Dove of peace Logo. If Tamir were alive today he would have been immensely proud.

I also made and sent one cover using the Yad Hanna envelope.

All of the philatelic items above are much sought after by Israel Philatelists and at the World Stamp Championships last may in Tel Aviv, I was offered large sums of money for them, including the artwork !!! Of course, I did not sell.
Those are all that remain from my endeavours, the rest being used on mail to family and friends and the odd one or two given away [Cees has one !!, Lucky man]. This is one Dove of Peace that has flown in all directions !!!!!
At the same exhibition last May, I put my drawing skills to the test once again and made myself a couple of sheets of a recent [scented] Flower stamp together with the Yad Hanna Logo on the adjoining labels. Not quite as exciting as on the stamp itself, but rewarding nonetheless for the nice comments at home.

Recently, we re-opened our clubhouse in our village for the holiday festival of Tu-Bishvat. I am in the club committee and decided I would make a display of the Village Logo. It was hastily done but proved quite popular at the party, where I had to answer many questions. I have since removed it and am in the process of making it much larger with more text and more information that I have recently discovered. It will be on permanent display at the same clubhouse, alongside many old pictures of those Hungarian pioneers from the 1950's..............

I dedicate this comment to my Stamp Buddy Tamir and his Father, without whom I would not be writing today.
I would like to thank Fedi, Tamir's widow for the loan of the proof copy of the logo.
I would also like to thank Haris for this lovely,thoughtful blog. An MP award does not say enough on this occasion.
Londonbus1....Peace on earth and goodwill to all men [and women !]
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